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It’s now three weeks past the launch of our blog. Yay! Now what to write…? No I am just joking. I have a whole laundry list of topics I want to write about and events I wish to share. Before I get too deep and retrospective I want to share a series of articles dealing with two obsessions of mine: Travel and Disney.

I know these posts will be coming at an odd time. Summer is prime family vacation time so anyone who hasn’t already taken their vacation is highly likely to already have it planned. That said, this series of articles can appeal to those who are already planning their next great family vacation as well as those that vacation at off-peak times. With so many school systems across the country utilizing fall, winter and spring breaks, there is always a vacation right around the corner.

I come from a family with a love of road trips and traveling. In fact many of us “thank” or even “blame” my great grandfather for our wanderlust. Whenever he got bored with life he would hitch a train and go… he actually worked with the railroad from time to time so this made his wanderlust that much easier to satisfy but that is a story for another day. As a part of this series, I want to share my family’s perspective of travel as it has helped shape who I am today and had an impact on where our family currently lives. I also hope to cover various other travel related topics.

As for my other obsession… Yes, I am a Disney Fanatic. Even though I never went to either Land or World as a child, as an adult I have enjoyed three very different trips and hope to go again. As many fanatics say “I start planning my next trip before the one I am on is over”. In keeping with the theme of our blog, I want to share my current knowledge and love of Disney World with those who have either never been to or who have an interest in returning but have questions and want to make their next trip more magical.

Thanks to Facebook I can easily follow multiple Disney blogs through the Facebook Fan Pages. These blogs are my “go to” not just for trip planning but for when I need a magical boost to my day. Experts say that it is just as important to plan a trip you never take as it is to plan your real trip. I take full advantage of this theory and plan trips often as a way to escape from the daily doldrums.

My all time favorite Disney Blog is the Disney Food Blog. There are not enough good things I can say about this blog as I am also a foodie and have been accused of planning where I am going to eat out of town as soon as I know where my trip destination is. This blog has wonderful tips on where to dine, when to dine, and even recipes for some of the food items we have all grown to love while at Disney. I still need to try the recipe they shared last fall on Facebook for the Ohana Bread Pudding from the Polynesian Resort. (The actual full recipe was from a 2009 blog post from the food blog website.)

I have probably been sucked into “liking” about a dozen Disney related fan pages thinking titles of pages have changed or because a particular post sounded interesting. Of the pages I follow the ones I find most interesting and magical on a daily basis also have official websites as well Inside the Magic; Walt Disney World for Grownups; Disney Fanatic and The Main Street Mouse. I have found that Inside the Magic, WDW for Grownups and TMSM provide Facebook posts that cover events that make you wish that you were at WDW right now (perhaps inspiring ideas of what time of year you would like to plan a trip) while Disney Fanatic covers topics like “10 Closed Disney Rides We Miss the Most”. All of these pages can keep your Disney addiction well fed (don’t forget Disney owns the movie rights to the Marvel Universe and Star Wars- these sites help keep me updated) as well as provide serious tips for planning a great vacation. Although it is not one of my everyday reads there is another site that I find instrumental in answering vacation related questions: the official Disney Parks blog.

In planning trips to Disney and reading tips that these blogs have shared, I have found areas that are a bit gray and thin. Where information given is very generic or overshared in a way that obscures some more serious travel tips and questions. I hope that my series of Travel, and Disney related blog entries will cover topics like:

  • Vacation Tango
  • Magical Trips with Toddlers (from day trips to a WDW Vacation)
  • WDW: Making the most of a Fall Trip
  • WDW: Enjoying the Christmas Magic
  • 10 Tips I wish someone had shared with me about WDW
  • Spinning a Travelers’ list of Pet Peeves
  • Covering things “not to do” while on Vacation

In this series I expect to include links for additional information and to cover ideas and a few stories not listed with the above titles as they are personal experiences either from WDW trips or other vacations. One that comes to mind right now ties into the biggest pet peeves WDW fanatics or vacationers have about any trip and how to make the best of the situation.

On that note: take it from me that we all do things at one point or another that upset those around us. After all we can not please 100% of those around us all the time. Sometimes we are aware of what we do (and could behave differently) and other times we are forced into bad situations without needing others to make it even worse. If we can help be a part of the solution and not the problem then everyone could have a more magical vacation wherever they may be.

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