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When I wrote my first travel series post it was with this grand idea that over a few months I would make a total of at least seven or eight posts. The thought was to have some posts that would be quick writes to go in between the more emotionally draining ones. I thought those quick writes could be travel related because I already had loads of notes for the various posts I wanted to write. At first glance that was a brilliant idea.

Between my temp work, our current placement, our nephews and my mom, my schedule can be a bit hectic so making a truly emotional post every week is a bit far fetched for me at this time. Even sharing tried and true family recipes can be a bit of a stretch when JoBe is visiting and he is tugging at my shirt begging for me to sit on the floor and pretend play with his newest favorite toy. How can I say no to that play time?

Branden even had high hopes that he would write two articles a month to help fill in where my time was so stretched thing. Sadly Branden has realized that his time can be even more stretched thin then mine as computer programmers tend to be on call more often then not especially during their launch seasons.

As I have been attempting to keep up with all of my lofty ideas I have come to realize several things:

  • there is no real “easy” post to write
  • sharing family recipes with short stories is much “easier” then writing any of the travel pieces I wanted to tackle
  • what works for our regular followers is much different then the extended FaceBook crowd

On the surface these revelations can feel a bit daunting but it’s good to have a reality check when tackling any project.

I like writing and sharing family recipes. For years I have been meaning write down all of my versions of the recipes I use regularly. My mom has wanted a family recipe book that I can pass down to the next generation. I could also then clear out all the cookbooks where I only use one recipe from it. Sharing the recipes on our blog is one way I can begin that project. The added benefit is any family member who follows my blog has access to the recipes they are always asking me for.

Just because my recipes get more FaceBook views doesn’t mean the other posts mean nothing. If I look at our blog stats page I can easily see what posts are read more frequently. Overall our fostering posts have had the biggest crowd pull while my travel posts fall somewhere in the middle.


I like that our blog is multi faceted and touches a wide range of interests. I think I am starting to find a little bit of a grove between my various posts and carving out time to write. Branden doesn’t feel so bogged down feeling like he needs to fill in the gaps right now during his busiest time of the year. So while things may seem daunting I don’t feel put off. I am happy with how our blog is moving forward even if my one Disney post I have been looking forward to making is a bit behind where I wanted it to be.

My parting words on this post are: “Stay tuned for great things to come!” and “We are only just getting started!”

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