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Normally when I think of brutal winters I remember really cold weather, snow, maybe ice or sleet, power outages and lots of hot cocoa. Not to mention the cold and flu bugs that make their way through our house. In previous posts I have commented on how January and February, even some parts of March, are pretty bad months for my family both physically and mentally. This year really has been no different in the cold/germ bug category and yet it feels like there has been a huge twist in surviving this winter.

That twist being how unusually warm the weather has been so the germ bugs have somehow been prolonged in our house instead of lasting a few days to maybe a full week before making a final exit. This time around the germ bugs started their round in late December and are still wreaking havoc in our household in early March. Even for us that is a bit much. I would trade a cold snow filled winter for the mess we have had this year.

The munchkins in our lives have been real troopers. They may act sick for a day and maybe cough or need a little extra rest for a week but then they are back to their normal high energy selves in no time. The adults are a very different story. It seems as if all the germ bugs the munchkins bring our way have lasted weeks and right as we are on the cusp of feeling better we catch their next new bug. Thus surviving this winter has been more difficult than some others.

With feeling unwell and exhausted, getting our regular projects and chores completed has been a challenge. Add to that the extra things we do, like baking and decorating birthday cakes or blog writing, and we have had to start questioning what is more important and what can really wait. Over the last two weeks Rent-a-Dad and I have done a lot of prioritizing including setting aside time to rest and relax.

Thanks to this prioritizing we have been able to not just get some rest but are starting to feel better. After this most recent round of cold bugs, we think maybe, just maybe, we are finally in the clear. I am hopeful that we can finally start getting back into our normal routine which includes blogging and post-dinner dance-off sessions with our nephews.

Now that we are finally getting back to our normal, and spring is on its way, surviving the winter months this year seems possible. Sadly I am now starting to worry about what all this warm winter weather bodes for this summer and fall.

Since moving to the northern section of southern states we have had one or two winters that have had warm spells but nothing like this. Normally winter weather here bounces from the upper thirties to the lower fifties. This year it has ranged from the lower forties, a handful of times, to the lower eighties. All this warm weather in what are supposed to be the coldest months has my body all out of sorts and I know I am not the only one.

Not only does this weather have me questioning what clothes to wear, I am freezing in my house and overly hot when I step outside, but it worries me about the summer months to come. I have never been a huge fan of super hot summer template. I love the moderate spring template of 68° through 82°. Anything warmer is just too unbearably hot to do anything fun outside. It’s why I don’t visit family in Florida over the summer as I would never leave the house. I really hope this oddly warm winter doesn’t mean a horribly hot summer. If it is extremely hot summer I am not sure how I will be doing anything but “surviving”.

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