Welcome to Balancing Life’s Lemons! This corner of the internet is dedicated to the life and adventures of Branden Schwartz and Nicci Knauss. We’re college sweethearts who have been married since the start of the millennium. After a series of life changing decisions over the last several years, we’ve dealt with infertility, cared for ailing family members, and become foster parents, discovering in the process exactly how much we can accomplish with a minimum of sleep.As we’ve taken on some projects and had others thrust upon us we’ve put a lot of effort into making lemonade out of the lemons life hands us, but when the fruit starts coming in faster than we can squeeze it can become something of a balancing act.


I’m a programmer who’s been in the field since 1999. I enjoy community theatre, volunteering for various organizations, RenFaires, conventions and conferences, the occasional video game, and reading practically anything.


I’m an artist who has worked as a costume coordinator for a professional theatre, set designer and producer for a children’s theatre, and Executive Director of a nonprofit organization. I sew, create costumes, artwork and various arts & crafts projects, hobbyist photography and writing fiction and poetry.


What to Expect
Our entries will be as varied as our interests and the topics we have been asked to talk about. We each plan on contributing separately to the site. There will be times where we will work jointly on a topics or series because we may feel there is an advantage to seeing ideas/thoughts from each of our perspectives. Please join us as we take walks down memory lane; share both our joys and struggles; impart some knowledge; and most importantly how we balance life’s lemons so we can enjoy the lemonade.